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International Orienteering Event, WRE

National Ranking Event Middle Distance

Final Informations available!

Organiser: Deutscher Turner-Bund
Organising Club: OLF Mainz
Date Middle Distance
and IOF WRE:
09 a.m. first start
Event Director: Frank Czioska, f.czioska@gmx.de
Course Setter: Anne-Katrin Klar
IOF-Advisor: Diethard Kundisch, diethard@sportident.com
Contact Person
for WRE:
Achim Bader, h.a.l.bader@t-online.de
Address: Berliner Strasse 35, 61118 Bad Vilbel, Germany
Phone (international format): 0049 6101 12403
Contact Person:
Simon Harston, Simon@Harston.de
Public Relations
Contact Person:
Jürgen Wichter, wichter.j@freenet.de
Classes: W21E/ M21E
Entry Closing Date: 19 August 2012
Entry Form: Download our entry form and send it to dmst2012@olf-mainz.de
Entry: Name, year, club, class, SI-card number and IOF Ranking ID / if already ranked.
These IDs can be obtained from the IOF website:
http://iof.6prog.org/list_m.csv for men, and
http://iof.6prog.org/list_w.csv for women
Bank Account:

OLF Mainz
Genobank Mainz eG
IBAN: DE70 5506 0611 0000 2028 86

Please advise your name and “WRE”.
Do not forget money for accommodation and breakfast if booked.

Entry Fee: W21E/ M21E       € 12,-
Please advise money together with entry.
Late Entries: Only if technically possible!
Additional late entry fee: € 5,00.
Maps: Kuhberg, 07/2012
Scale 1:10.000, contour interval 5 m.
The competition area is a broad, relatively flat high ridge with some steep sides and deep valleys at the edges.  The relief structure is partly complex due to the remains of stone- and gravel workings and former military usage.  The trail network is good but irregular.  The forest is quite runnable, but the vegetation varies a great deal and vegetation boundaries are frequently indistinct. There are numerous small areas of oak woods in which wild boar are active. Some blackberries near the finish area.
Control: SPORTident

To rent a SI-Card for € 2,-, we need € 30,-- bail.

Accomodation: Gymnasium BBS Bad Kreuznach, Ringstrasse 11, GPS coordinates: 49.834028,7.854897.
Open from Friday at 8.00 pm, each night 3,-- €.
Breakfast at the finish area each day, only preregistration €3,50
Directions: Gymnasium and office:

Motorway A 61 exit Bad Kreuznach.
2nd exit B428 to “Kusel”.
Follow the white/red “OL” signs to the Gymnasium and/or the finish area.

For car navigation system: Kuhberg, Bad Kreuznach, Rheingrafenstrasse 15.

GPS coordinates: 49.813052, 7.867842 (finish area).

More informations and maps are available here

Distances: Gymnasium – finish area: 4 km.
Parking area – finish area: 100 – 500 m.


Time Table

Friday 15.09.2012

06.00 pm opening the office in the sports hall.
11.55 pm closing the office.

Saturday 15.09.2012

10.00 am opening the office at the finish area.
01.00 pm mass start German relay championship.
04.00 pm training course for WRE runners (map €2,-).
05.30 pm closing relay event.
08.00 pm prize giving relay championship.

Sunday 16.09.2012

07.30 am opening the office at the finish area.
09.00 am first start ranking event.
01.30 pm prize giving ceremony at the finish area.